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Use the Zenduty integration to send Datadog alerts to the right team, notify them as per on-call schedules, and help them remediate and resolve incidents with speed. Send notifications via e-mail, Slack, Microsoft Teams, SMS, Phone Calls, Android and iOS push messages.

Connect Zenduty with Datadog in order to:

  • Trigger and resolve Zenduty incidents, receive alerts for created incidents, and track issues from Datadog
  • Deploy on-call schedules, escalation policies, incident playbooks, postmortems, and detailed analytics
  • Use Alert Rules to customize routing for Datadog alerts to certain users or teams, write suppression rules, and automatically add notes, responders, and incident tasks



In Zenduty, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Teams and click on the team you want to add the integration to.

  2. Navigate to Services. Create a new service or select an existing one.

  3. Go to Integrations and then Add New Integration. Give the integration a name, and select the application Datadog from the dropdown menu.

  4. Go to Configure under your integrations, and copy the generated Datadog webhook URL.

Follow the steps below within Datadog:

  1. From the sidebar, go to Integrations. Search for Webhooks from this page, and click the add button.

  2. Scroll down, click on the +New button in the Webhooks section. Fill in the name, the webhook URL copied from Zenduty, and paste the following JSON in the payload box:

  "alert_id": "$ALERT_ID",
  "hostname": "$HOSTNAME",
  "date_posix": "$DATE_POSIX",
  "aggreg_key": "$AGGREG_KEY",
  "title": "$EVENT_TITLE",
  "alert_status": "$ALERT_STATUS",
  "alert_transition": "$ALERT_TRANSITION",
  "link": "$LINK",
  "event_msg": "$TEXT_ONLY_MSG"
  1. Click on Save. The Datadog Zenduty integration setup is complete.

See the Zenduty documentation for more details and to get the most out of this integration.

Note: Mention @zenduty as a channel under Notify your team in the Datadog monitor’s configuration to get alerts through Zenduty when Datadog incidents are created or resolved.

Data Collected


The Zenduty integration does not include any metrics.


Triggered, acknowledged, and resolved events are displayed in Zenduty’s dashboard.

Service Checks

The Zenduty integration does not include any service checks.


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