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Zendesk is a customer service and support ticket platform that allows you to receive, track and respond to inquiries and requests from customers. Enable this integration to see ticket metrics in Datadog and to create and update tickets from Datadog.

Integrate with Zendesk to:

  • Monitor and graph ticket count metrics by status, user, and satisfaction rating
  • Receive a Datadog event each time a new Zendesk ticket is opened
  • Create and update tickets using @zendesk mentions



To install this integration, you will first need to generate a Zendesk API Token:

  1. Navigate to the API settings page by clicking the Admin gear icon from the left menu, then selecting API from the Channels section of the menu item list.
  2. Enable Token Access if it is not already enabled.
  3. Click the plus symbol to create a new token.
  4. Set the API Token description to something informative, e.g. “Datadog-Zendesk Integration”
  5. Copy the API Token. Important: You will need to temporarily save this token, as it will be hidden once you click Save.
  6. Click Save.

To complete the integration, enter your information in Datadog:

  1. Visit the Zendesk integration tile or navigate to it by clicking Integrations in the left side menu, then clicking the Zendesk integration tile. Then click on the Configuration tab.
  2. Enter your Zendesk domain. This is the text that appears before e.g. If your Zendesk is located at, your domain will be my-company.
  3. Enter your Zendesk username.
  4. Paste the Zendesk API Token you received in step 5 above.
  5. Click the Install Integration button.

Data Collected


The number of tickets per status and assignee.
The number of satisfaction ratings submitted today per rating and assignee.
The number of tickets opened and solved today (UTC).
The rate of tickets opened and solved


This integration will generate an event each time a new Zendesk ticket is opened.

Service Checks

The Zendesk integration does not include any service checks.

Further Reading

Knowledge Base

Zendesk Tickets

You can create new Zendesk tickets and assign them to a a group. First add the group name in the Datadog Zendesk integration tile, then use @zendesk-group-name in your Datadog monitors and annotations. e.g. to create a ticket and assign it to the Zendesk group Support, you would add the group and use @zendesk-support.