Salesforce Incidents


The Salesforce Incidents integration allows you to create incidents in Salesforce Service Cloud from monitor alert events. Using the Salesforce Datadog Widget, you can view the timeline of monitor events related to the incident directly in Salesforce.


Connect Datadog to Salesforce Service Cloud

  1. Go to the Datadog Salesforce Incidents integration tile and click Add Organization.
  2. Select the Organization type.
  3. Click Connect and follow the instructions on the Salesforce Service Cloud authorization page.

Trusted IP Ranges

If your Salesforce Organization uses Trusted IP ranges to filter traffic, you need to allow connections from the Webhooks IP prefixes belonging to Datadog in order for the integration to work. For a list of Webhooks IP prefixes for your region, see Datadog IP Ranges.

Configure an incident template

Templates define how incidents are created in Salesforce Service Cloud from Datadog alert events.

To create an incident template:

  1. Click New Incident Template.
  2. Enter a name for your incident template. This name, prefixed with salesforce_incidents-, becomes the handle you can use in your monitor notifications (such as @salesforce_incidents-my-incident-template-name).
  3. Select a Salesforce Organization.
  4. Provide a subject, description, owner, and priority to use when creating an incident.
  5. Click Save.

Add the Datadog Widget to Salesforce Service Cloud

To install the Datadog Widget in Salesforce Service Cloud:

  1. Have an admin for your Salesforce Organization install the Datadog app from the Salesforce AppExchange.
  2. In Salesforce Service Cloud, go to an Incident Record page.
  3. Click on the Gear Icon and then click Edit page.
  4. Click and drag the Datadog widget onto the page from the custom components in the left nav.
  5. Click Save.


Creating incidents in Salesforce Service Cloud from Datadog Alerts

Include a notification handle of one or more incidents templates (for example, @salesforce_incidents-my-incident-template-name). in the Notify your team or Say what’s happening sections of your Datadog monitor.

Incidents are created when the monitor triggers. New incidents are not created until the monitor resolves.

Data Collected


The Salesforce Incidents integration does not provide any metrics.


The Salesforce Incidents integration does not include any events.

Service Checks

The Salesforce Incidents integration does not include any service checks.


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