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Full screen

Most widgets have a full screen mode. To access this view, click on the full-screen button in the upper right-hand side of the widget.

In full screen mode, you can:

  • Change time frames
  • Move backward or forward by the time frame selected
  • Pause the graph at the current time or view the live graph
  • Reset the time frame
  • Export the graph to a dashboard, notebook, or copy the query

Additional options are available for timeseries widgets.

Copy / paste widgets

Widgets can be copied on Dashboards, Notebooks, APM Service, and the APM resource page by using Ctrl + C (Cmd + C for Mac). Similarly, groups of widgets can be copied on timeboards by selecting the group widget OR on screenboards by shift + click on multiple graphs.

The copied widgets can be pasted within Datadog by using Ctrl + V (Cmd + V for Mac) on:

  • Dashboards: Adds a new widget positioned under your mouse cursor.
  • Notebooks: Adds a new cell at the end of the notebook.

A copied widget can also be shared outside of Datadog as a static image stored in the same Datadog datacenter as your Datadog site (US or EU).