Full screen

Most widgets have a full screen mode. To access this view, click on the full-screen button in the upper right-hand side of the widget.

In full screen mode, you can:

  • Change time frames
  • Move backward or forward by the time frame selected
  • Pause the graph at the current time or view the live graph
  • Reset the time frame
  • Export the graph to a dashboard, notebook, or copy the query
  • Download the data producing the graph in a CSV format

Additional options are available for timeseries widgets.

Most widgets have the custom link option in the on-click context menu. To add this functionality, edit your widget and select the Custom Links tab or choose New custom link from the on-click context menu.

Custom links help you connect a data value to a URL, like a Datadog page or your AWS console. They support template variables and tags or attributes used in the group by field.


View related logs for a graph grouped by region:


View related logs for a graph on a dashboard with the template variable region:


Copy / paste widgets

Widgets can be copied on Dashboards, Notebooks, APM Service, and the APM resource page by using Ctrl + C (Cmd + C for Mac), or by selecting the share icon and choosing “Copy”.

The copied widgets can be pasted within Datadog by using Ctrl + V (Cmd + V for Mac) on:

  • Dashboards: Adds a new widget positioned under your mouse cursor.
  • Notebooks: Adds a new cell at the end of the notebook.

You can also paste the widget into your favorite chat program that displays link previews (like Slack or Microsoft Teams). This displays a snapshot image of your graph along with a direct link to your widget.

Groups of widgets

Timeboard group widgets can be copied by hovering over the group widget area and using Ctrl + C (Cmd + C for Mac) or by selecting the share icon and choosing “Copy”.

Note: When pasting graphs to screenboards or notebooks, individual widgets within the group are pasted.

To copy multiple screenboard widgets (edit mode only), shift + click on the widgets and use Ctrl + C (Cmd + C for Mac).

Note: This only works when sharing within Datadog. It does not generate a preview image.

Export graphs


To download a widget in PNG format, click the export button in the upper right hand side of the widget, and select “Download as PNG”.


To download data from a timeseries, table, or top list widget in CSV format, click the export button in the upper right hand side of the widget, and select “Download as CSV”.