CI Results Explorer


The CI Results Explorer provides visibility into the CI jobs executing your Synthetic tests.

CI Results Explorer

You can accomplish the following actions:

  • Investigate every CI job execution to identify and troubleshoot failing test results
  • Compare test results executed against various devices and browsers to pinpoint cross browser and device issues
  • Keep track of the progress of your tests in CI pipelines
  • Identify flaky tests to fix

Explore test batches

The CI Results Explorer displays batches of tests run by Synthetics and your CI/CD provider. Every batch corresponds with a call to the Datadog API (through one of your CI/CD integrations, the datadog-ci NPM package, or directly through the API endpoint) and triggers one or several test executions.

  1. Click on a batch to open a side panel containing batch CI metadata and batch test results.
  2. Explore the test executions performed as part of the batch and pinpoint test failures.
  3. Click on a failing test result to see the detailed Test Result page and investigate the root cause of the issue.

For more information about search, see Search Test Batches.

Create a search query

To start querying the CI Results Explorer data, see Search Syntax.

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