Monitoring Azure App Service


Microsoft Azure App Service is a group of serverless resources that enable you to build and host web apps, mobile backends, event-driven functions, and RESTful APIs without managing infrastructure. It can host workloads of all sizes and offers auto-scaling and high availability options.

Datadog provides monitoring capabilities for all Azure App Service resource types:

Datadog provides additional monitoring capabilities for the following Azure App Service workload runtimes on Basic, Standard, and Premium plans:

Windows.NETGAWindows .NET setup
WindowsJavaBetaWindows Java setup
Linux.NETBetaLinux docs
LinuxNodeBetaLinux docs


  • Fully distributed APM tracing using automatic instrumentation
  • Customized APM service and trace views showing relevant Azure App Service metrics and metadata
  • Manual APM instrumentation to customize spans
  • Trace_ID injection into application logs
  • Custom metrics with DogStatsD

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