Events Side Panel


The Real User Monitoring (RUM) Explorer displays individual events that include this side panel format:

Application performance graph and Core Web Vitals in the Performance tab

General context information is provided at the top. Scroll to the waterfall to see the actual content of the event.

Context about your users and their applications, including the OS, country, code version, and more, is captured when the event is generated. Context also refers to the event itself, which includes information specific to the event type. For example, the event side panel shows the view path while the Errors side panel shows the error message.

Event side panel

To open the event side panel in the RUM Explorer, click on a table row in the List visualization type. Alternatively, click in the side panel list displayed after you click on Show related events.

The event side panel displays all the information relative to a RUM event. The waterfall displays related resources, errors, views, and actions, and visualizes your events that cause errors or experience excessive loading times in a timeline format (the view minimap).

You can also drag and drop the time selectors in the waterfall to zoom into a time span and focus on the events of interest.


RUM collects contextual information by default. You can also add additional context attributes with the Global Context API.

Attribute tab

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