RUM Explorer


The Real User Monitoring (RUM) Explorer allows you to examine data collected from your applications and granular information about your RUM events.

You can:

  • Navigate through user sessions
  • Investigate performance issues affecting views, resources, or actions
  • Troubleshoot application errors and long tasks
RUM Explorer

View by application

Use the application selector in the top navigation to select and view all RUM data for a specific application.

Click the application selector to view all RUM data for a specific application

Search and filter

Search and filter your RUM events by typing in the search bar and selecting a visualization type in the RUM Explorer. You can narrow down, broaden, and shift your focus on subsets of events you are interested in.


Group the RUM events you have queried into higher-level entities that may help you derive or consolidate information about an issue. To identify event patterns and aggregate events by subsets, see Group RUM Events.

To start creating queries and using facets, see Search Syntax.


Select a visualization for your filters and aggregations that displays your RUM events in a helpful perspective for you to uncover decisive information.

For example, you can view RUM events in a list, organize RUM data into columns, and see RUM data in a timeseries graph that displays your RUM telemetry over time.

To start visualizing RUM data in the RUM Explorer, see Create RUM Visualizations.

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