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Enable this integration to:

  • Send events about deployments to Datadog
  • Correlate deployment details with your Datadog metrics
  • Detect the sources of performance spikes



  • In your Datadog account settings go to Integrations -> APIs and copy the API Key token

  • Sign in to your Buddy account and go to the pipeline with the deployment action that you want to track

  • Click the plus at the end of the pipeline and select Datadog in the Notifications section

  • Enter the name of your Datadog account and paste the API key that you copied

  • Use Buddy parameters to define the title of the event and content sent, for example:

# Event title
${'${execution.pipeline.name} execution #${execution.id}'}

# Content
${'${execution.to_revision.revision} - ${execution.to_revision.message}'}
  • When ready, click Add action and run the pipeline. On every successful deployment, Buddy sends an event to Datadog:


Data Collected


The Buddy check does not include any metrics.


All Buddy deployment events are sent to your Datadog Event Stream

Service Checks

The Buddy check does not include any service checks.


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