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View, rerun, and halt Gremlin attacks directly from Datadog!

Pairing Gremlin with Datadog’s Events is an effective way to add failure-testing context to your Datadog workflows.

  • Overlay attack events on top of your dashboards to pinpoint exactly how and when Gremlin is impacting your metrics.
  • Show, Rerun, and Halt Gremlin attacks from your Datadog Event Stream




In order to activate this integration, you will need to pass your Datadog API key to Gremlin. This is done on the Integrations Page, by clicking the Add button on the row for Datadog. You will be prompted for your Datadog API key. Once entered, the integration will be initialized!

  • API key: ${api_key}

You should now start seeing events from this integration in your Event Stream.

Data Collected


The Gremlin integration does not provide any metrics.


The Gremlin integration sends events to your Datadog Event Stream when attacks are started or stopped on Gremlin.

Service Checks

The Gremlin integration does not include any service checks.


Need help? Contact Datadog support.

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