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Dyn Overview


Monitor your zones with advanced graphs and events.

  • Keep track of the changes made when a zone is updated
  • Analyze the QPS made by zone or record type thanks to advanced graphing tools



If you have not created a ‘datadog’ read-only user on Dyn yet, please go HERE and follow these instructions:

  1. Choose a username and a password

    Create dyn user

  2. Select the ‘READONLY’ user group

    Choose dyn group

  3. Click on ‘Add New User’

Once you have created a Datadog Read only user:

  1. Configure your Dyn integration inside your Datadog application.

    Dyn Integration

  2. Select the zones (Zone notes) that you wish to collect events and the dyn.changes metric from:

Dyn zone

Dyn “QPS” metrics are collected by default for all zones,

IP ACLs must be disabled for the Dyn integration.

Data Collected


The number of DNS queries to a given zone.
shown as query
The number of DNS zone note changes.
shown as event


The Dyn integration does not include any event at this time.

Service Checks

The Dyn integration does not include any service check at this time.


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