Supported OS Linux Windows Mac OS


Botprise’s Datadog integration allows you to send generated Botprise events to Datadog using webhook. It helps to monitor your applications and to ensure Botprise is working as expected.



To use the Botprise-Datadog integration, you must be a customer of Botprise. For more information about Botprise, see



  1. Install the Datadog Agent on your lab devices.
  2. After successful installation, your devices start sending data to Datadog. View the data on the Datadog host list.
  3. In Datadog, create a monitor for each of the hosts. Datadog generates alerts based on the monitor rules.
  4. Configure each monitor for metrics and the respective threshold value.
  5. Modify the monitor configuration to create a ServiceNow ticket for each of the incoming alerts.
  6. Generate an API key and an Application key to call Datadog Rest APIs.

Data Collected


The Botprise integration does not provide metrics.

Service Checks

The Botprise integration does not include any service checks.


All events are sent to the Datadog event stream.


To use the Datadog API, you need to enter an API key and an application key.


Need help? Contact Datadog support.