Getting Started with Datadog Support

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Datadog provides two primary channels for customers seeking support:

While both options focus on providing quick and effective solutions, one platform may be better suited depending on the timing, nature, and urgency of the request.

This guide provides best practices for reaching out to the Support team, and guidelines for determining the support channel that’s right for you.


For the most efficient resolution of an issue, be ready to provide any of the relevant information and resources listed below:

  • Organization name (if you have access to more than one)
  • Datadog Site
  • Links to any pages demonstrating the issue in your Datadog account
  • Screenshots or screen recordings of the behavior in question
  • Steps that can be taken to replicate the issue
  • If the issue is related to the functioning of the Datadog Agent, an Agent flare
  • Links to any documentation pages used

Chat or support ticket?

Use the table below to determine whether to open a support ticket or reach out on chat.

Support TicketChat
Urgent issuesProduct configuration support
Call/Screenshare requestsSetup questions
Incidents and outagesDocumentation clarification
Complex support troubleshooting across many configuration files, logs, or queriesMinor issues involving a specific configuration file, log, or query

If you’re not sure which option is best, feel free to use either channel to connect with Datadog support. A support ticket is automatically created whenever a chat is closed, so the issue can continue to be investigated even if it’s not resolved in chat.

Reaching out on chat

Chat is available any business day between the hours of 10:00 and 19:00 Eastern Time (ET). Chat is not available for HIPAA-enabled accounts.

To get started, click Support on the bottom-left corner of the navigation menu.

The Support button at the bottom of the app left navigation menu

When a new chat is opened, you are asked if you have a technical or sales question.

  • For technical questions, you are routed to the first available Technical Support Engineer. This is ideal for any questions you have about using or configuring Datadog.
  • For sales questions, you are routed to the first available member of the Datadog sales team, who can answer questions about billing and account management.

Note: For urgent issues, it’s best to reach out through a Support Ticket, and indicate why your request is urgent. This ensures that Support leadership can route your case to an appropriate expert immediately.

Best practices for technical questions

Ensure that you have as many of the relevant prerequisites available as possible. The Datadog team member you connect with on chat does their best to collect information about the issue and resolve it. Not all issues can be resolved in a chat session. If a more detailed investigation is required, Datadog support focuses on collecting the information needed to conduct the investigation after the chat is over.

Following up

When the chat closes, a support ticket is automatically created. If the issue was resolved on chat, the ticket can be closed.

If additional investigation is required, the ticket is routed to experts in the appropriate areas, with a full transfer of the details and context provided during the chat. Use the ticket for further communication with the Datadog Support team.

Further reading

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