Check Status Widget
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Check Status Widget

Check status shows the current status or number of results for any check performed:



  1. Select a previously created service check.
  2. Choose a reporting timeframe:
    • Global Time
    • The past 10 minutes
    • The past 30 minutes
    • The past hour
    • The past 4 hours
    • The past day
  3. Choose your scope:

    • A single check: Select this option if your Check Status widget is for a specific element only i.e. one host:<HOSTNAME>, one service:<SERVICE_NAME>, etc.
    • A cluster of checks: Select this option if your Check Status widget is for a scope of elements i.e all hosts, all services, etc.
  4. After selecting your scope, define your Check Status widget context with the Reported by field.

  5. Optional: group your checks result according to a custom tag key.



Display a custom title for your widget by activating the Show a Title check box:

Optionally define its size and alignment.


The dedicated widget JSON schema definition for the check status widget is:

    "type": "object",
    "properties": {
        "type": {"enum": ["check_status"]},
        "check": {"type": "string"},
        "grouping": {"enum": ["check", "cluster"]},
        "group": {"type": "string"},
        "tags":  {"type": "array", "items": {"type": "string"}},
        "group_by":  {"type": "array", "items": {"type": "string"}},
        "title": {"type": "string"}
    "required": ["type", "check", "grouping"],
    "additionalProperties": false
typestringyesType of the widget, for the check status widget use check_status
checkstringyesName of the check to use in the widget
groupingstringyesThe kind of grouping to use (single check vs. cluster of checks). Available values are: check or cluster
groupstringnoGroup reporting a single check
tagsArray of stringsnoList of tags used to filter the groups reporting a cluster check
group_byArray of stringsnoList of tag prefixes to group by in the case of a cluster check
titlestringnoTitle of the widget

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