Check Status Widget

Service checks monitor the up or down status of a specific service. Alerts are triggered when the monitoring Agent fails to connect to the service in a specified number of consecutive checks. The Check Status widget can visually display service degradation, service failures, cluster-wide issues, drops in throughput, or increases in latency in your dashboard. For more information, see the Service check documentation.

Check status shows the current status or number of results for any check performed:

Check status widget



  1. Select a previously created service check.

  2. Choose a reporting time frame. This time frame always includes up to the present, so you can choose an option such as The past 10 minutes or The past 1 day and it reports a status that includes that time frame up to the present moment. If you choose Global Time, the person using the dashboard can select a range using the time frame selector in the upper right, but they must choose one that includes the present moment, that is any past X time frame. Otherwise the widget is blank.

  3. Choose your scope:

    • A single check: Select this option if your Check Status widget is for a specific element only, for example: one host:<HOSTNAME>, one service:<SERVICE_NAME>.
    • A cluster of checks: Select this option if your Check Status widget is for a scope of elements as in all hosts, or all services.
  4. After selecting your scope, define your Check Status widget context with the Reported by field.

  5. For the scope A Cluster of checks, you have the option to select a subset with the Group by field. Note: The check status does not show you the count of checks per group, it shows the count of groups running the check. For example, if you are monitoring Agent Up, grouped by env, the check status shows you the number of env that matches your scope configurations and is running the Agent, not the count of Agents in an environment.


This widget can be used with the Dashboards API. See the following table for the widget JSON schema definition:

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check [required]


Name of the check to use in the widget.



Group reporting a single check.



List of tag prefixes to group by in the case of a cluster check.

grouping [required]


The kind of grouping to use. Allowed enum values: check,cluster



List of tags used to filter the groups reporting a cluster check.



Time setting for the widget.



The available timeframes depend on the widget you are using. Allowed enum values: 1m,5m,10m,15m,30m,1h,4h,1d,2d,1w,1mo,3mo,6mo,week_to_date,month_to_date,1y,alert



Title of the widget.



How to align the text on the widget. Allowed enum values: center,left,right



Size of the title.

type [required]


Type of the check status widget. Allowed enum values: check_status

default: check_status

  "check": "",
  "group": "string",
  "group_by": [],
  "grouping": "check",
  "tags": [],
  "time": {
    "live_span": "5m"
  "title": "string",
  "title_align": "string",
  "title_size": "string",
  "type": "check_status"

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