Transfer Account and Team Ownership

When creating a team in your Cloudcraft account, you are automatically granted owner role permissions. As an owner of a team, you are the only user who can manage subscription information. This includes payment information, such as payment details and the number of users your organization’s license supports.

In certain cases, a user account, team, or blueprint assets may need to be transferred to a different user. This article guides you through the transfer process.

If you have account access

If you have access to your Cloudcraft account and team, and wish to initiate a transfer to another user, contact Support using the Contact support page in the application. This method automatically meets Cloudcraft’s requirements for account identification and proof of ownership, and ensures that Cloudcraft complies with all applicable laws.

Note: The new owner must have a Cloudcraft account before the transfer can be completed.

  1. Log in to Cloudcraft as the account owner.
  2. Click the User avatar in the upper-right corner of the application and select Contact support.
  3. Click Ask.
  4. Select Email, and then click Next.
  5. Fill in the Subject and Message fields.
  6. Click Submit your support request.

For a faster turnaround, provide as much information as possible in the Message field.

  • What is the email address of the new owner?
  • Does the new owner already have a Cloudcraft account?
  • Do you want to delete your credit card information, or does the new owner get to keep it in the account?

If you do not have account access

If you need to transfer ownership to another user, but don’t have access to the account, contact the Support Team. You must have the following information ready before contacting Support:

  • Email of the previous account owner.
  • Email of the new account owner.
  • The last 4 digits of the credit card on file.
  • The billing address for the credit card on account.
  • The date and amount of the last charge.