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Resource page


A resource is a particular action for a given service (typically an individual endpoint or query). Read more about resources in Getting Started with APM. For each resource, APM automatically generates a dashboard page covering:

  • Key health metrics
  • Monitor status for all monitors associated with this service
  • List and metrics for all resources associated with this service

Out of the box graphs

Datadog provides out of the box graphs for any given resource:

  • Requests - Choose to display:
    • The Total amount of requests
    • The amount of Requests per second
  • Latency - Choose to display:
    • The Avg/p75/p90/p95/p99/Max latency of your traced requests
  • Error - Choose to display:
    • The Total amount of errors
    • The amount of Errors per second
    • The % Error Rate
  • Sub-Services: When there are multiple services involved, a fourth graph is available that breaks down your Total time spent/%of time spent/Avg time per request of your service by services or type. For services like Postgres or Redis, which are “final” operations not calling other service underneath, there will be no Sub-services graph.
Out of the bow resource graphs

Note: Use the cogs icon to display all options available for any given graph.

Export to Timeboard

On the upper-right corner of each graph click on the arrow in order to export your graph into a pre-existing Timeboard:

Save to timeboard

Latency distribution

In addition to all those graph there is a resource latency distribution graph:

Latency distribution

Use the top right selector of this graph to zoom on a given percentile of latency distribution:

latency distribution selector

Zoom on this graph to filter corresponding traces.


Consult the list of traces associated with this resource. Filter/sort this list to see fast/slow and error/non-error traces:

Refer to the dedicated trace documentation to learn more.

Traces list

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