The Python APM Client library follows a versioning policy that specifies the support level for the different versions of the library and Python runtime.

Two release branches are supported:

ReleaseSupport level
>=2.0,<3General Availability

And the library supports the following runtimes:

OSCPURuntimeRuntime versionSupported ddtrace versions
Linuxx86-64, i686, AArch64CPython2.7, 3.5-3.11<2
MacOSIntel, Apple SiliconCPython2.7, 3.5-3.11<2
Windows64bit, 32bitCPython2.7, 3.5-3.11<2
Linuxx86-64, i686, AArch64CPython3.7+>=2
MacOSIntel, Apple SiliconCPython3.7+>=2
Windows64bit, 32bitCPython3.7+>=2


To request support for additional libraries, contact our awesome support team.

Web framework compatibility

The ddtrace library includes support for a number of web frameworks, including:

Datastore compatibility

The ddtrace library includes support for the following data stores:

DatastoreSupported VersionAutomaticLibrary Documentation
algoliasearch>= 1.20.0yes
asyncpg>= 0.18.0yes
Cassandra>= 3.5yes
Elasticsearch>= 1.6yes
Flask Cache>= 0.12no
Mariadb>= 1.0.0yes
Memcached pylibmc>= 1.4yes
Memcached pymemcache>= 1.3yes
MongoDB Mongoengine>= 0.11yes
MongoDB Pymongo>= 3.0yes
MySQL MySQL-python>= 1.2.3yes
MySQL mysqlclient>= 1.3yes
MySQL mysql-connector>= 2.1yes
Opensearch>= 1.0yes
Postgres aiopg>= 0.12.0, <= 0.16yes
Postgres psycopg>= 2.4yes
PyMySQL>= 0.7yes
PynamoDB>= 4.0yes
PyODBC>= 4.0yes
Redis>= 2.6yes
Redis redis-py-cluster>= 1.3.5yes
snowflake-connector-python>= 2.1no
SQLAlchemy>= 1.0no
SQLite3Fully Supportedyes
Vertica>= 0.6yes

Library compatibility

The ddtrace library includes support for the following libraries:

LibrarySupported VersionAutomaticLibrary Documentation
aiobotocore>= 0.2.3no
asyncioFully Supported> Python 3.7 yes
Botocore>= 1.4.51yes
Boto2>= 2.29.0yes
Celery>= 4.4.0yes
Consul>= 0.7yes
FuturesFully Supportedyes
gevent>= 20.12yes
Grpc>= 1.8.0yes
httplibFully Supportedno
Logbook>= 1.0.0no
Loguru>= 0.4.0no
Jinja2>= 2.7yes
Kombu>= 4.0no
Mako>= 0.1.0yes
Requests>= 2.08yes
structlog>= 20.2.0no
urllib3>= 1.22no
graphql-core>= 2.0yes
pytest>= 3.0no

Further Reading

Additional helpful documentation, links, and articles: