.NET Framework Compatibility Requirements

.NET Framework Compatibility Requirements

  • The .NET Tracer supports all .NET-based languages (for example, C#, F#, Visual Basic).

  • The .NET Tracer library for Datadog is open source. For more information, see the .NET Tracer repository.

Supported .NET Framework runtimes

The .NET Tracer supports automatic instrumentation on the following .NET Framework versions. It also supports .NET Core.

.NET Framework Version Microsoft End of Life APM Supported in 1.x APM Supported in 2.x
4.8 Yes Yes
4.7.2 Yes Yes
4.7 Yes Yes
4.6.2 Yes Yes
4.6.1 04/26/2022 Yes Yes
4.6 04/26/2022 Yes No
4.5.2 04/26/2022 Yes No
4.5.1 01/12/2016 Yes No
4.5 01/12/2016 Yes No

Additional information on .NET Framework support policy can be found within Microsoft’s .NET Framework Lifecycle Policy.

Supported processor architectures

The .NET Tracer supports automatic instrumentation on the following architectures:

Processor architectures
Windows x86 (win-x86)
Windows x64 (win-x64)


The latest version of the .NET Tracer can automatically instrument the following libraries:

Framework or library NuGet package Integration Name
ADO.NET All AdoNet integrations AdoNet
Aerospike Aerospike.Client 4.0.0+ Aerospike
ASP.NET (including Web Forms) built-in AspNet
ASP.NET MVC Microsoft.AspNet.Mvc 4.0+ AspNetMvc
ASP.NET Web API 2 Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi 5.1+ AspNetWebApi2
CosmosDb Microsoft.Azure.Cosmos.Client 3.6.0+ CosmosDb
Couchbase CouchbaseNetClient 2.2.8+ Couchbase
Elasticsearch Elasticsearch.Net 5.3.0+ ElasticsearchNet
GraphQL .NET GraphQL 2.3.0+ GraphQL
HttpClient / HttpMessageHandler built-in HttpMessageHandler
Kafka Confluent.Kafka 1.4+ Kafka
MongoDB MongoDB.Driver.Core 2.1.0+ MongoDb
MSMQ built-in Msmq
MySql MySql.Data 6.7.0+
MySqlConnector 1.0.0+
Oracle Oracle.ManagedDataAccess 4.122.0+ Oracle
PostgreSQL Npgsql 4.0+ Npgsql
RabbitMQ RabbitMQ.Client 3.6.9+ RabbitMQ
Redis (ServiceStack client) ServiceStack.Redis 4.0.48+ ServiceStackRedis
Redis (StackExchange client) StackExchange.Redis 1.0.187+ StackExchangeRedis
SQLite System.Data.Sqlite 2.0.0+
Microsoft.Data.Sqlite 1.0.0+
SQL Server System.Data 4.0.0+
System.Data.SqlClient 4.0.0+
Microsoft.Data.SqlClient 1.0.0+
WCF (server) built-in Wcf
WebClient / WebRequest built-in WebRequest

Don’t see your desired libraries? Datadog is continually adding additional support. Check with the Datadog team for help.

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