Set up Datadog APM

Set up Datadog APM

In most environments, configuring your application to send traces to Datadog involves two steps:

  1. Configuring the Datadog Agent for APM.

  2. Adding the Datadog Tracing Library to your code.

Traces are sent from your application instrumented with a Datadog Tracing Library to the Datadog Agent, and from the Datadog Agent to Datadog.

In containerized, serverless, or certain other environments, there may be APM-specific configurations required on both the Tracer and Agent to ensure that traces can be properly received, so ensure you have followed instructions for both components.

For setup instructions, select your language:

To instrument an application written in a language that does not yet have official library support, see the list of community tracing libraries.

After you set up tracing, you are one step from accessing profiling data by enabling Continuous Profiler. Profiler is available for Java, Python, Go, and (beta) Ruby.