.NET Framework Compatibility Requirements
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.NET Framework Compatibility Requirements

The .NET Datadog Trace library is open source - view the Github repository for more information.

The .NET Tracer supports automatic instrumentation on .NET Framework 4.5 and above. It also supports .NET Core.

Note: When using both manual and automatic instrumentation, it is important to keep the MSI installer and NuGet package versions in sync.


The .NET Tracer can instrument the following libraries automatically:

Framework or libraryNuGet packageIntegration Name
ASP.NET (including Web Forms)built-inAspNet
ASP.NET MVCMicrosoft.AspNet.Mvc 4.0+AspNetMvc
ASP.NET Web API 2Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi 5.1+AspNetWebApi2
WCF (server)built-inWcf
HttpClient / HttpMessageHandlerbuilt-inHttpMessageHandler
WebClient / WebRequestbuilt-inWebRequest
Redis (StackExchange client)StackExchange.Redis 1.0.187+StackExchangeRedis
Redis (ServiceStack client)ServiceStack.Redis 4.0.48+ServiceStackRedis
ElasticsearchElasticsearch.Net 5.3.0+ElasticsearchNet
MongoDBMongoDB.Driver.Core 2.1.0+MongoDb
PostgreSQLNpgsql 4.0+AdoNet

Update: Starting with .NET Tracer version 1.12.0, the ASP.NET integration is enabled automatically. The NuGet packages Datadog.Trace.AspNet or Datadog.Trace.ClrProfiler.Managed are no longer required. Remove them from your application when you update the .NET Tracer.

Note: The ADO.NET integration instruments calls made through the DbCommand abstract class or the IDbCommand interface, regardless of the underlying implementation. It also instruments direct calls to SqlCommand.

Don’t see your desired frameworks? Datadog is continually adding additional support. To request a framework, contact our awesome support team.

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