Datadog Clipboard


The Datadog Clipboard is a cross-platform tool for collecting and sharing signals across contexts. It is personal to each user and stores all copied graphs alongside any saved links. Signals can be grouped and exported to a dashboard, notebook, or incident.

The main clipboard

Cross-page exploration

The Clipboard works on all pages in Datadog and keeps a record of all graphs copied by an individual user. The Clipboard does not automatically copy query text, event JSON, or other text-based content.

Opening the Clipboard

To open the Clipboard, copy any graph and click Open Clipboard in the popup.

Open a graph in the Clipboard

Or, click “Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + K to open” on the minimized Clipboard.

The Clipboard can also be opened and closed using Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + K. To minimize the Clipboard, click the Minimize icon. The minimized Clipboard persists on all pages of Datadog.

Adding clips

To add a graph, copy it with Cmd/Ctrl + C or click Copy in the export menu. Once the Clipboard is open, copied graphs get added automatically.

To add a URL, open the Clipboard and click Add current page.

Add a dashboard to the Clipboard

Managing clips

Each item in the Clipboard can be opened, cloned, or deleted; these options are available when you hover over any signal. Opening an item navigates to the link of the original signal. Open the source of any graph (like the dashboard it was clipped from) by clicking the title of the item.

Manage your clips

The Clipboard holds a maximum of 20 signals. Remove signals by deleting them individually, or by clicking Remove All. If more than 20 signals are added, the oldest signals, stored furthest to the left, are removed automatically.


Items on the Clipboard can be exported to Dashboards, Notebooks, or Incidents using keyboard shortcuts or the export menu. To copy an individual signal, hover over it and use Cmd/Ctrl + C to copy, and paste it into a dashboard or notebook with Cmd/Ctrl + V. To copy multiple signals, use Shift + Click to select graphs and links, and use Cmd/Ctrl + C to copy them.

Alternatively, export your selection to a new or existing dashboard, notebook, or incident using the export menu. Only supported graphs can be exported to Notebooks.

Export from the Clipboard

Further Reading

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