Navigate the Explorer

How to navigate the Events Explorer


The Events Explorer displays the most recent events generated by your infrastructure and services such as code deployments, service health, configuration changes, or monitoring alerts. By default, the Events Explorer displays event types. You can filter your events by facets or search queries.

Event side panel

Click any event in the Events Explorer to open the event side panel, which shows tags and messages associated with the event.

Attributes tab

An example Event Attributes tab

The attributes tab of the side panel lists event attributes as JSON. Click an attribute to add it to or exclude it from the existing query, or to add a column for this attribute.

Events attributes can be normalized or enriched at intake with processing pipelines.

Time range

The time frame selector controls the time range of events that are shown in the Explorer or Analytics, and sets the range of the timeline under the search bar.

Change the time range by selecting a preset range from the time frame dropdown, or by entering a custom time range.

Because all search parameters are contained within the URL, you can share your view by sharing the URL.