Linux distributions

The following Linux distributions are supported for hosts and containers scans:

Operating SystemSupported VersionsPackage ManagersSecurity Advisories
Alpine Linux2.2-2.7, 3.0-3.19 (edge is not supported)apk
Wolfi LinuxN/Aapk
Red Hat Enterprise Linux6, 7, 8dnf/yum/rpm and
CentOS6, 7, 8dnf/yum/rpm and
AlmaLinux8, 9dnf/yum/rpm
Rocky Linux8, 9dnf/yum/rpm
Oracle Linux5, 6, 7, 8dnf/yum/rpm
CBL-Mariner1.0, 2.0dnf/yum/rpm
Amazon Linux1, 2, 2023dnf/yum/rpm
openSUSE Leap42, 15zypper/rpm
SUSE Linux Enterprise11, 12, 15zypper/rpm
Photon OS1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0tdnf/yum/rpm
Debian GNU/Linux7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 (unstable/sid is not supported)apt/dpkg and
UbuntuAll versions supported by Canonicalapt/dpkg

Software Composition Analysis

The following languages are supported for Software Composition Analysis scans on containers and Lambda instances:

LanguageSupported Package ManagerSupported Files
RubybundlerGemfile.lock, gemspec
.NETnugetpackages.lock.json, packages.config, .deps.json, *packages.props
GomodBinaries built by Go, go.mod
JavaGradle, Mavenpom.xml, *gradle.lockfile, JAR/WAR/PAR/EAR (with
Node.jsnpm, pnpm, yarnpackage-lock.json, yarn.lock, pnpm-lock.yaml, package.json
Pythonpip, poetrypipfile.lock, poetry.lock, egg package, wheel package, conda package

Container runtimes

The following container runtimes are supported:

  • containerd: v1.5.6 or later
  • Docker

Note for container observations: Agentless Scanning requires uncompressed container image layers. As a workaround, you can set the configuration option discard_unpacked_layers=false in the containerd configuration file.