ASM capabilities support

The following ASM capabilities are supported in the PHP library, for the specified tracer version:

ASM capabilityMinimum PHP tracer version
Threat Detection0.84.0
Threat Protection0.86.0
Vulnerability Management for Open Source Software (OSS)0.90.0
Vulnerability Management for Code-level (beta)not supported
Automatic user activity event tracking0.89.0

The minimum tracer version to get all supported ASM capabilities for PHP is 0.86.0.

If you would like to see support added for any of the unsupported capabilities, let us know! Fill out this short form to send details.

Supported deployment types

TypeThreat Detection supportVulnerability Management for OSS support
AWS Fargate
AWS Lambda

Language and framework compatibility

Note: PHP 5.x is fully supported until version 0.75.0. It is now in maintenance mode and supported with security and important bug fixes until December 31, 2023.

If you are using PHP 5.x version in your application and have a feature request which is critical for your business needs, contact Datadog Support.

It’s recommended to use officially supported versions of PHP, especially 7.4, 8.0, and 8.1.

PHP VersionSupport levelPackage version
8.2.xGeneral Availability> 0.82.0+
8.1.xGeneral Availability> 0.66.0+
8.0.xGeneral Availability> 0.52.0+
7.4.xGeneral AvailabilityAll
7.3.xGeneral AvailabilityAll
7.2.xGeneral AvailabilityAll
7.1.xGeneral AvailabilityAll
7.0.xGeneral AvailabilityAll
5.6.xMaintenance (until December 31, 2023)All
5.5.xMaintenance (until December 31, 2023)All
5.4.xMaintenance (until December 31, 2023)All

PHP ASM supports the following SAPI’s:

SAPISupport type
apache2handlerFully Supported
cliFully Supported
fpm-fcgiFully Supported
cgi-fcgiFully Supported

Supported processor architectures

PHP ASM supports the following architectures:

Processor architecturesSupport levelPackage version
Linux GNU amd64 (x86-64-linux-gnu)GAAll
Linux MUSL amd64 (x86-64-linux-musl)GAAll

The Datadog PHP library supports PHP version 7.0 and above on the following architectures:

  • Linux (GNU) x86-64
  • Alpine Linux (musl) x86-64

The library supports the use of all PHP frameworks, and also the use of no framework.

Web framework compatibility

  • Attacker source HTTP request details
  • Tags for the HTTP request (status code, method, etc)
  • Distributed Tracing to see attack flows through your applications
ASM Capability Notes
  • Vulnerability Management for OSS is not supported
  • Vulnerability Management for Code-level is not supported

The following frameworks aren’t directly instrumented by ASM, but indirectly supported through runtime instrumentation.

FrameworkVersionsThreat Detection supported?Threat Protection supported?
Laravel4.2, 5.x, 6.x
Laravel 88.x (tracer 0.52.0+)
Neos Flow3.0.x
Symfony 33.1+
Symfony 43.1+
Symfony 53.1+
Symfony 33.1+

Data store compatibility

Datastore tracing provides:

  • SQL attack detection
  • query info (for example, a sanitized query string)
  • error and stacktrace capturing
ASM Capability Notes
  • Vulnerability Management for OSS is not supported
  • Vulnerability Management for Code-level is not supported
  • Threat Protection also works at the HTTP request (input) layer, and so works for all databases by default, even those not listed in the table below.
FrameworkVersionsThreat Detection supported?Threat Protection supported?
Amazon RDSAny supported PHP
EloquentLaravel supported versions
MemcachedAny supported PHP
MySQLiAny supported PHP
PDOAny supported PHP
PHPRedis3, 4, 5

User Authentication Frameworks compatibility

Integrations to User Authentication Frameworks provide:

  • User login events, including the user IDs
  • Account Takeover detection monitoring for user login events
FrameworkMinimum Framework Version