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Monitor Status


Once you have created your monitor, the Monitor Status page gives you a bird’s eye view of your monitor status over time. This page is split in 3 main sections:

These sections are open by default, and can be closed by using the little > icon to the left of the section name.

Monitor status options

Some options are available in the upper right corner of the page:

  • Mute: Choose to mute a monitor directly on its status page. Use the Scope field to narrow your downtime. Refer to the dedicated downtime documentation to learn how to mute multiple scopes or multiple monitors at the same time.

    NOTE: muting or unmuting a monitor via the UI deletes all scheduled downtimes associated with that monitor.

  • Resolve: Resolve your monitor manually.

  • Configuration options: Use the cog icon to display options available:


The Properties section is the overview of your monitor:

  • The status of your monitor
  • The monitor creator
  • The monitor ID (for the monitor API)
  • Tags attached to your monitor. Edit the tag list by clicking on the pencil icon.
  • The monitor query
  • The monitor message

Use the cog icon in the upper right corner of the page to edit your monitor properties.

Status and History

The Status and History section reflect the query and state changes over time, while the Evaluation Graph represents the exact query behavior within the timeframe bracket on the history graph. The Evaluation Graph has a fixed zoomed window that corresponds to your monitor evaluation timesteps, to ensure the displayed points are not incorrectly aggregated. Slide this bracket over the timeline in order to view previous monitor evaluation results:

status monitor history

For further investigation into your metrics evolution, use the Metric Explorer or a dedicated Notebook.

Note: For the Status graph, if you see None or no groups found as group names, this is usually because:

  • The monitor is newly created and has not evaluated yet.
  • The monitor’s query was recently changed.
  • A host’s name previously included in the query has changed. Host name changes age out of the UI within 24 hours.


All events generated from your monitor are aggregated in this section. Those events are also displayed in your event stream.

Further Reading