Integrating Monitors With Statuspage


Atlassian Statuspage is a status and incident management tool that provides visibility into your applications’ and services’ uptime. A status page can display custom metrics and events from Datadog, and you can update the status of your systems with Datadog monitor notifications.

Add Statuspage alerts as Datadog events

You can configure the Statuspage integration to track Statuspage alerts in the Events Explorer.

  1. Navigate to Integrations and search for statuspage from the list of integrations.
  2. Select the StatusPage Integration tile and click Add New.
  3. Add the status URL and custom tags you want to monitor, for example: or with datadog, test, and test1 tags. You must include at least one custom tag per page.
  4. Click the Save icon.

After five minutes, you should see monitor alerts from Statuspage appearing in the Events Explorer. Set a time frame on the top right corner and select Statuspage from the list of sources under Core.

Set up the Statuspage Integration in Datadog

Click on an alert to display a side panel containing the event’s message, tags, and attributes.

An event's side panel containing the event's source, message, tags, and attributes

Add Statuspage alerts in Datadog monitors

Generate a Statuspage email address

See the Statuspage documentation to generate a component-specific email address.

Create a metric monitor

To create a metric monitor that triggers on Statuspage alerts:

  1. Navigate to Monitors > New Monitor and click Metric.
  2. See the Metric Monitor documentation to select a detection method, define your metric(s), set alerting conditions, and configure advanced monitor options.
  3. Customize the monitor name to return UP or DOWN depending on the test state. For example, {{#is_alert}}DOWN{{/is_alert}}{{#is_recovery}}UP{{/is_recovery}}.
  4. In the Configure notifications and automations section, add the generated email address such as in the message. This automatically populates the Notify your services and your team members field above Renotification.
  5. Fill out the monitor notification section and add a summary in the monitor name such as Shopist Checkout Functionality.
  6. Set the monitor renotification conditions and add tags such as service:status-page.
  7. Select a team and assign a priority to the monitor.
  8. Define the monitor’s editing permissions and notification conditions.
  9. Once you have configured your monitor, click Create.
Creating a metric monitor containing alerts from Statuspage

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