SLO Alerts

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This monitor is available for the Metric-based SLOs, Time Slice SLOs, and Monitor-based SLOs composed of Metric Monitor types (Metric, Integration, APM Metric, Anomaly, Forecast, or Outlier Monitors).


Service Level Objectives, or SLOs, are a key part of the site reliability engineering toolkit. SLOs provide a framework for defining clear targets around application performance, which ultimately help teams provide a consistent customer experience, balance feature development with platform stability, and improve communication with internal and external users.

Monitor creation

To create an SLO alert in Datadog, use the main navigation: Monitors –> New Monitor –> SLO.

Select SLO

Select a Service Level Objective.

Set alert conditions

Two types of alerts are available:

Error budget alerts notify you when a certain percentage of your SLO’s error budget has been consumed.

Burn rate alerts notify you when the rate of consumption of your SLO error budget has exceeded your specified threshold and is sustained for a certain period of time.


For detailed instructions on the Configure notifications and automations section, see the Notifications page.

In addition to the standard template variables available across all monitor types, SLO alerts also support the following variables:

{{timeframe}}The time window of the SLO (7, 30, 90 days).
{{value}}The percentage of error budget consumed (error budget alerts only).
{{short_window_burn_rate}}The burn rate value observed by the short window (burn rate alerts only).
{{long_window_burn_rate}}The burn rate value observed by the long window (burn rate alerts only).

Further reading

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