Zebrium Root Cause as a Service

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Sign up for a Zebrium SaaS license on the Datadog Marketplace.

When you know there’s a problem and you’re not sure what caused it, Zebrium works to automatically show you the root cause directly on your Datadog dashboards. Zebrium’s solution applies machine learning to logs, but you don’t need to manually train the data or set up any rules, and it achieves accuracy in less than 24 hours.

Using Zebrium is simple. When you’re troubleshooting a problem, instead of digging around, just scroll to the Zebrium app on your Datadog dashboard and look at the corresponding detection.

Once you are a Zebrium customer, you can begin using the two points of integration between Zebrium and Datadog: 1) a Zebrium Datadog App with a custom dashboard widget and 2) a data integration that sends in events and metrics from Zebrium. For installation, visit the Integrations page and search for Zebrium.


For support or feature requests, contact Zebrium through the following channel:

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