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The Datadog Extension for VS Code helps you improve your software by providing code-level insights directly in the IDE, based on real-time observability data from:

  • Logs
  • Error Tracking
  • CI Visibility
  • Application Security Management
  • Synthetics
  • Static Analysis



From Visual Studio Code:

  1. Click Plugins and search for Datadog, or find the Datadog Extension in the Microsoft Marketplace.
  2. Click Install to download and install the plugin in your IDE.
  3. If you receive a prompt notifying you that Datadog is a third-party plugin, click Accept.
  4. Click Restart IDE.


The plugin settings are found within the IDE settings, under Datadog.

Select the Datadog services relevant to your project from the plugin settings.

Further reading


Need help? Contact Datadog support or open an issue on GitHub.