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Create alerts using @opsgenie:

  • By taking a snapshot
  • When a metric alert is triggered



Create a Datadog integration in Opsgenie

  1. Log in to your Opsgenie account and go to the Opsgenie Integrations page.
  2. Search for Datadog and click on the tile.
  3. Choose the recipients of Datadog alerts in Opsgenie using the Responders field.
  4. Enter your Datadog API key from the Integrations > APIs page.
  5. If you are using the Datadog EU site, check the Send to Datadog EU box.
  6. Change the name of the integration if necessary.
  7. Save the configuration.
  8. Copy the key and the name for further use in Datadog.
  9. Add more Datadog integrations on Opsgenie by going to the Opsgenie Integrations page and repeating the steps above.

List the integration(s) you made in Opsgenie in Datadog

  1. In Datadog, select the Opsgenie tile on Account Integrations.
  2. In the dialog box that pops up, click on the Configuration tab.
  3. Paste the key(s) provided for each Datadog integration (created in Opsgenie) in the “Opsgenie API Key” field, and enter the “Service Name”.
    datadog add opsgenie key

Data Collected


The Opsgenie integration does not include any metric.


The Opsgenie integration does not include any events.

Service Checks

The Opsgenie integration does not include any service checks.


Need help? Contact Datadog support.

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