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Easily integrate Datadog and Moogsoft for combined AI monitoring and observability power! Whether you are completely digital or have legacy applications, or a hybrid of both, this solution reduces the alert noise and improves operational efficiency across teams and IT Operations.

Moogsoft provides an advanced self-servicing AI-driven observability platform that allows software engineers, developers, and operations to instantly see everything, know what’s wrong, and fix things faster.

Moogsoft delivers an enterprise-class, cloud-native platform that empowers customers to drive adoption at their own pace at a much lower cost.


Improve service delivery quality. We only elevate critical situations, so you and your team can move swiftly, stay focused, and resolve incidents before they cause outages.


Watch alert volumes go down and see productivity go up. We help eliminate event fatigue with a consolidated monitoring panel and by correlating similar events to significantly minimize actionable alerts.


See everything in one view. We aggregate all of your apps, services, and infrastructure alerts to a single console for increased agility, fewer alerts, and faster resolution times.

Moogsoft Data Flow

Data flows through Moogsoft gaining context and reducing noise at each step. Metrics become events, events become stateful alerts, and alerts are correlated into incidents.


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