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JumpCloud is a cloud-based directory platform that provides a unified approach to Active Directory and LDAP services centered around user authentication and network management.

Using JumpCloud, companies can manage and provision user access to software, systems, and networks; enforce compliance with audit trails; and provide a unified login experience through single sign-on (SSO). As a cloud-native platform, JumpCloud enables a remote and flexible form of IT management by providing domainless security solutions for traditional directory needs.

The JumpCloud integration provides access to the following:

  • Directory Events: Logs on activity in the Portal, including admin changes in the directory and admin/user authentications to the Portal.

  • SAML Events: Logs on user authentications to SAML applications.

  • RADIUS Events: Logs on user authentications to RADIUS used for wifi and VPNs.

  • MacOS, Windows, and Linux Events: Logs about user authentications to systems including agent-related events on lockout, password changes, and File Disk Encryption key updates.

  • LDAP Events: Logs about user authentications to LDAP, including LDAP bind and search events types.

  • MDM Events: Logs about MDM command results.

For more information, see Monitor your JumpCloud directory with Datadog and the Insights API Reference.



No installation is required.


See the integration tile for details. An API key is required from the JumpCloud Administrator Portal.

Data Collected


Logs are collected from a single API endpoint. See the Insights API.


The JumpCloud integration does not include any metrics.


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