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Git event


Capture Git commits directly from your Git server to:

  • Keep track of code changes in real time.
  • Add code change markers on all your dashboards.
  • Discuss code changes with your team.



  1. Create a new application key for Git: Generate Application Key

  2. Download the Datadog Git webhook:

    sudo easy_install dogapi
    curl -L > post-receive
  3. Set up Git with your Datadog keys:

    git config datadog.api <YOUR_DATADOG_API_KEY>
    git config datadog.application <YOUR_DATADOG_APP_KEY>
  4. Activate the hook in your Git repository with the <GIT_REPOSITORY_NAME>:

    install post-receive <GIT_REPOSITORY_NAME>/.git/hooks/post-receive
  5. Install the Datadog-Git Integration