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Commvault simplifies data protection, cyber recovery, and cyber resilience by backing up your data from various sources including databases, virtual machines, applications, and more.

The Rapdev Commvault Cloud integration offers real-time insights into your backup environment. This integration enables you to track various metrics related to ongoing jobs, storage libraries, console alerts, and events.

  • By pulling detailed data on alerts, it keeps you informed about the nature, age, and total alert count. This helps you respond to any issues quickly.
  • The job monitoring aspect captures crucial information about each backup job, including the size of data in bytes and the duration of the job. This optimizes performance and trend analysis.
  • Storage library monitoring provides a granular view of your storage environment, with specifics on each library, available bytes, data backed up in the past hour, total capacity, free space, and the time of the last backup.

The Rapdev Commvault Cloud integration pulls data from your Command Center into your Datadog account. This help you leverage enhanced dashboard visualizations, monitoring, and alerting capabilities in Datadog.

To monitor Commvault On-Prem, visit our Commvault On-Prem integration.


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