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At Doctor Droid, we are building tools to help teams solve challenges in their monitoring & observability. Doctor Droid Playbooks is an automation tool designed to eliminate toil for engineers by streamlining repetitive, manual tasks.

Doctor Droid seamlessly integrates with a multitude of data sources and provides a platform for creating powerful, user-defined playbooks. Whether you’re dealing with log searches, database queries, monitoring metrics, or needing a consolidated view of your operational metrics, Doctor Droid has you covered.

Doctor Droid enriches alerts and auto-analyses your Datadog account for other anomalies across your system.

How it works?

  1. Install the Doctor Droid integration
  2. Define investigation steps in Doctor Droid as a playbook (for example, define steps like check downstream metrics, check recent deployments, check error logs, and so on).
  3. Add a Doctor Droid webhook to your monitor.
  4. Automatically get an investigation summary and insights when your monitor is triggered.


You can reach out to our team at for any support queries.

This application is made available through the Marketplace and is supported by a Datadog Technology Partner. Click Here to purchase this application.