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The Datadog Terraform provider allows you to interact with the Datadog API through a Terraform configuration. You can manage your Datadog resources, such as Dashboards, Monitors, Logs Configuration, etc, with this configuration.



The Datadog Terraform provider is available through the Terraform Registry.


  1. Install Terraform

  2. Create a directory to contain the Terraform configuration files, for example: terraform_config/

  3. Create a main.tf file in the terraform_config/ directory with the following content:

    terraform {
      required_providers {
        datadog = {
          source = "DataDog/datadog"
    # Configure the Datadog provider
    provider "datadog" {
      api_key = var.datadog_api_key
      app_key = var.datadog_app_key
  4. Run terraform init. This initializes the directory for use with Terraform and pulls the Datadog provider.

  5. Create any .tf file in the terraform_config/ directory and start creating Datadog resources.

Create a monitor

This example demonstrates a monitor.tf file that creates a live process monitor.

# monitor.tf
resource "datadog_monitor" "process_alert_example" {
  name    = "Process Alert Monitor"
  type    = "process alert"
  message = "Multiple Java processes running on example-tag"
  query   = "processes('java').over('example-tag').rollup('count').last('10m') > 1"
  monitor_thresholds {
    critical          = 1.0
    critical_recovery = 0.0

  notify_no_data    = false
  renotify_interval = 60

Run terraform apply to create this monitor in your Datadog account.

Send Events to Datadog

By installing datadogpy, you have access to the Dogwrap command line tool, which you can use to wrap any Terraform command and bind it to a custom event.

Install datadogpy:

pip install datadog

For more information, see the Datadog Python library.

Send a terraform apply event:

dogwrap -n "terraform apply" -k $DD_API_KEY --submit_mode all --tags="source:terraform" "terraform apply -no-color"

Send a terraform destroy event:

dogwrap -n "terraform destroy" -k $DD_API_KEY --submit_mode all --tags="source:terraform" "terraform destroy -no-color"

Data Collected


Terraform does not include any metrics.

Service Checks

Terraform does not include any service checks.


Terraform does not include any events.


Need help? Contact Datadog support.