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Steadybit is a chaos engineering platform allowing you to simulate turbulent conditions in a controlled way, to improve system reliability and guide your organization to better incident management.

The Steadybit integration uses the status of Datadog monitors within chaos engineering experiments. This integration provides your team insight into chaos engineering activity such as the experiment’s environment, start and end time, and the result of the experiment through Datadog events.


The integration between Datadog and Steadybit is done through the Steadybit Datadog extension. The extension interacts with Datadog’s API to gather information about monitors and report events to Datadog.


You need a free or paid Steadybit license. The integration supports Steadybit’s SAAS and on-premises offering.


Several installation methods are supported. For the best experience, install the Steadybit Datadog extension through the dedicated Helm chart, as shown below. To learn more about the supported values for datadog.siteParameter and datadog.siteUrl, see the Datadog sites page.

helm repo add steadybit
helm repo update

helm upgrade steadybit-extension-datadog \
  --install \
  --wait \
  --timeout 5m0s \
  --create-namespace \
  --namespace steadybit-extension \
  --set datadog.apiKey="{{API_KEY}}" \
  --set datadog.applicationKey="{{APPLICATION_KEY}}" \
  --set datadog.siteParameter="{{SITE_PARAMETER}}" \
  --set datadog.siteUrl="{{SITE_URL}}" \


Once the Steadybit Datadog extension is running, see a list of Datadog monitors within the Landscape tab in Steadybit.

Data Collected


Steadybit does not include any metrics.

Service Checks

Steadybit does not include any service checks.


Steadybit reports events to Datadog indicating chaos engineering activity. All such events carry the source:steadybit tag.


Need help? Contact Steadybit’s support.