Rollbar error event


Rollbar helps developers build better software, faster. With Rollbar developers can view exceptions from all of of their frameworks, platforms, and environments in one place.

Connect Rollbar to Datadog to:

  • Get notified of exceptions, errors, and code deployments in the Events Explorer.
  • Filter notifications by severity, environment, host, users, and more.
  • Search for exceptions in your graphs.
  • Discuss exceptions with your team.
  • Spend less time debugging issues.



No installation is required.


Configuration is per-project in Rollbar.

  1. In Rollbar, go to the Notification settings page for a Project: DashboardSettingsNotificationsDatadog.
  2. In Datadog, navigate to the API Keys page to get your API Key (copy to your clipboard): IntegrationsAPIs.
  3. Add your Datadog API key in Rollbar.
  4. Click Enable Datadog Integration.

Every time an exception occurs, it appears in the Events Explorer.

Data Collected


The Rollbar integration does not include any metric.


The Rollbar integration pushes exceptions, errors, and code deployments into Datadog as events.

Service Checks

The Rollbar integration does not include any service checks.


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