Supported OS Linux Windows Mac OS


This integration allows PerimeterX customers to forward their PerimeterX related logs and events to Datadog.


All configuration is done by PerimeterX. See the PerimeterX documentation regarding third party integrations.


No installation is required on your host.


  1. Generate a new Integration API Key in your Datadog portal.
  2. Open a support ticket with PerimeterX Support and request the Datadog log export integration. Support needs the following information:
    • Your Datadog Integration API Key
    • Whether you want to send metrics and/or logs
    • The PerimeterX Application ID(s) that should be forwarded to Datadog


Once PerimeterX Support has confirmed the Datadog integration is complete, perform the following steps to confirm the integration is working as expected:

  1. Login to your Datadog portal.
  2. Navigate to Logs -> Search
  3. Perform a search with a query filter of “Source:perimeterx”
  4. Confirm you are receiving logs from PerimeterX (it may take a few minutes before logs start appearing).

Data Collected


PerimeterX does not include metrics for requests.

Service Checks

PerimeterX does not include any service checks.


PerimeterX does not include any events.


Need help? Contact Datadog support.