pagerduty incident trends


Connect PagerDuty to Datadog in order to:

  • Trigger and resolve incidents from your stream by mentioning @pagerduty in your post
  • See incidents and escalations in your stream as they occur
  • Get a daily reminder of who’s on-call


Check out this documentation from Pagerduty.

Once you have Pagerduty integrated, you can check out our custom Pagerduty Incident Trends.

Data Collected


The PagerDuty integration does not include any metric at this time.


The PagerDuty integration does not include any event at this time.

Service Checks

The PagerDuty integration does not include any service check at this time.


How do I automatically resolve a PagerDuty service when a monitor recovers?

You must include the PagerDuty notification in the {{#is_recovery}} context of your Say what’s happening section of your monitor as follows:


    This notification will only occur if the monitor resolves. 
    If  @pagerduty-trigger was triggered for the alert, it'll be resolved as well 

How do I send a message/notification to a specific Pager Duty service when multiple are integrated ?

Use “@pagerduty-[serviceName]” in your monitor message. If you start typing it in your monitor Say what’s happening section, you should see it autocomplete.

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