The Datadog PagerDuty integration has limited support in the Datadog for Government site. Service Catalog integration and auto-resolution from Incident Management and Workflow Automation are not supported.


Connect PagerDuty to Datadog in order to:

  • Trigger and resolve incidents from your stream by mentioning @pagerduty in your post
  • See incidents and escalations in your stream as they occur
  • Get a daily reminder of who’s on-call


See the Datadog Integration Guide from Pagerduty.

Once you have Pagerduty integrated, you can check out Datadog’s custom Pagerduty Incident Trends.

Data Collected


The PagerDuty integration does not include any metrics.


Your PagerDuty Triggered/Resolved events appear in the Events Explorer.

Service Checks

The PagerDuty integration does not include any service checks.


Send a notification to a specific PagerDuty service

To send a message or notification to a specific PagerDuty service when multiple services are integrated, use @pagerduty-[serviceName] in your monitor message. If you start typing it in your monitor Say what’s happening section, you should see it autocomplete.

pagerduty faq 1

When a monitor recovers, it automatically resolves the Pagerduty service if you include the notification handle in the monitor recover message but won’t if it’s only included in the{{#is_alert}} context.

Mapping of PagerDuty incident severities

The severity of PagerDuty incidents is determined by the status of the monitor that is causing the alert. The following table illustrates how the alert status is mapped to a PagerDuty incident severity.

Monitor statusPagerDuty incident severity
OK or othersinfo

For example, if the monitor transitions from OK to WARNING and notifies a @pagerduty-[serviceName], the created PagerDuty incident will be of severity warning.

Note: This mapping happens automatically, and cannot be modified.

Alert description truncated

Datadog has an upper limit on your monitor notification lengths sent to PagerDuty. The limit is at 1024 characters.

Further Reading