Datadog-PagerDuty Integration


Connect PagerDuty to Datadog in order to:

  • Trigger and resolve incidents from your stream by mentioning @pagerduty in your post
  • See incidents and escalations in your stream as they occur
  • Get a daily reminder of who’s on-call

You can also check out this documentation from Pagerduty.

Once you have Pagerduty integrated, you can check out our custom Pagerduty Incident Trends.


How do I automatically resolve a PagerDuty service when a monitor recovers?

You must include the PagerDuty notification in the {{is_resolve}} context of your Say what’s happening section of your monitor as follows:


    This notification will only occur if the monitor resolves. 
    If  @pagerduty-trigger was triggered for the alert, it'll be resolved as well 


How do I send a message/notification to a specific Pager Duty service when multiple are integrated ?

Use “@pagerduty-[serviceName]” in your monitor message. If you start typing it in your monitor Say what’s happening section, you should see it autocomplete.