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Modal lets you run generative AI models, large-scale batch jobs, job queues, and much more. This integration collects metrics (CPU, memory or GPU use for example) and logs (stdout/stderr logging from your modal applications, or audit logs for your account) that you can visualize through Datadog dashboards and set up alerts for with Datadog monitors.



To set up the Modal integration:

  1. Navigate to the Modal tile on the Datadog Integrations page and click Install Integration.

  2. Click Connect Accounts to begin authorization of this integration. You will be redirected to log into Modal, and once logged in, you’ll be redirected to the Datadog authorization page.

  3. Click the Authorize button to complete setup.

Logs and metrics from your Modal apps should now start appearing in Datadog.

Data Collected


Modal collects GPU, CPU, and memory utilization metrics for applications/functions that run on Modal.


Modal collects audit logs and all application logs (all stdout/stderr logging).


Modal does not include any events.


Once this integration has been uninstalled, any previous authorizations are revoked and logs/metrics stop being emitted to Datadog.

  1. On the Configure tab in the Modal integration tile in Datadog, click Uninstall Integration.

  2. Ensure that all API keys associated with this integration have been disabled by searching for the integration name on the API Keys page.


Need help? Contact Modal support.