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The Datadog-LaunchDarkly integration allows you to see the effects of your LaunchDarkly feature deployments on your customer’s services or systems. For instance, if a deployed feature causes a service to slow down, you would be able to see the cause within Datadog.

LaunchDarkly events in Datadog


This integration will need a Datadog API key. Only Datadog admins can create an API key. Once you’ve obtained a Datadog API key, visit the LaunchDarkly documentation for the Datadog integration to learn how to setup the Datadog-LaunchDarkly integration.

Note: In order to set it up, you need a valid Datadog API key.

Data Collected


The LaunchDarkly integration does not include any metrics.


The LaunchDarkly integration sends flag, project, and environment events from LaunchDarkly to Datadog.

Service Checks

The LaunchDarkly integration does not include any service checks.


Need help? Contact LaunchDarkly Support.

Further Reading

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