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AtomWatch by Kitepipe is an Agent-based integration that collects metrics from Boomi processes, cluster nodes, and related infrastructure to inform both Datadog and Boomi customers about the health of the integration.

AtomWatch version 1.0 contains 4 dashboards, 13 custom metrics, and 13 monitors that report on Boomi execution statistics, cluster status, and infrastructure health. These metrics are available to Datadog and Boomi customers for extended time-trending analysis (over the standard of 30 days for Boomi Process Reporting availability).

Datadog customers who purchase AtomWatch must manage the Boomi Java Runtime in either an Atom or Molecule configuration. Kitepipe includes a one hour set-up and configuration session with the initial 14 Day Free Trial.

About Kitepipe

Kitepipe is a Boomi Platinum Implementation Partner, and is the premier Boomi integration development team in North America. Kitepipe was founded in 2011 in response to the need for a Boomi-focused services team that could deliver all the promises of this powerful integration platform.

Today, the Kitepipe team of certified Boomi on-shore developers help dozens of Boomi customers quickly achieve business value with the industry-leading Boomi integration platform.

The Datadog service AtomWatch is a new offering from Kitepipe with a focus on Boomi managed services in AWS. Kitepipe is the leader in a number of integration areas, verticals, and domains, including AWS migrations of Boomi processes, AWS managed Boomi, Biotech vertical solutions built on Boomi, NetSuite, SAP, Coupa, Workday, and HRIS, Data Mart/BI, and more endpoints.

Log Collection

This integration makes API calls to the Boomi Platform on your behalf, retrieving execution records and sending them to Datadog as logs.


This integration retrieves AuditLog records from the Boomi API, and sends them to Datadog as events. The events are visible in filtered form in the Boomi Workload Monitoring Dashboard or in the Events Explorer. You can build your own monitors to inspect the unfiltered AuditLog records.


This integration submits metrics. You can explore a list of metrics in the Data Collected tab.


For support or feature requests, reach out to AtomWatch through the following channel:

Kitepipe support hours for AtomWatch are designated during the business hours of 9AM to 3PM across US and Canadian time zones. AtomWatch troubleshooting requests will be answered within 24 to 48 hours from the notification receipt to the AtomWatch email alias.

For best response results, include the customer name, Boomi configuration, and a brief description of the event or troubleshooting question. Enhanced support programs are available from Kitepipe upon request.

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