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IsDown is a status page aggregator and outage monitoring tool that helps businesses monitor their dependencies. You can provide your team real-time monitoring and instant notifications for outages in all your tools and cloud providers. IsDown monitors more than 2000 status pages.

With this integration, you can receive alerts from third-party dependencies in Datadog, monitor business critical services, and understand the frequency of outages all within the out-of-the-box dashboard.


  1. Use your existing account or create a new one in IsDown.
  2. Log in to your account and go to the Notifications page.
  3. Click on the checkbox to select Datadog and then click Connect to Datadog.
  4. You are then redirected to Datadog to authorize the application. IsDown creates an API key that only has access to what IsDown needs to send events and service checks to Datadog.
  5. After authorization you are redirected to IsDown.
  6. Select the services to monitor.
  7. Configure any desired notification settings for each service.


  1. Go to the Notifications page in IsDown.
  2. Unselect Datadog and click Save.
  3. Ensure that all API keys associated with this integration have been disabled by searching for IsDown on the API Keys management page in Datadog.

Data Collected

Service Checks

IsDown sends service checks for each service you monitor. The service check name is isdown, with the host being the service name. The status is OK if the service is up and WARNING or CRITICAL depending on the severity of the status of a service.
Statuses: ok, warning, critical


IsDown sends events for each outage that happens in the services you monitor. It sends two types of events, one for the start of the outage and one for the end of the outage. The events are sent with the following attributes:

  • Title: The name of the service with the outage.
  • Text: The description of the outage.
  • Tags: isdown and isdown:service_name.


Need help? Contact IsDown support.

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