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The iLert integration sends Datadog alerts to iLert and seamlessly take actions on these alerts within the iLert platform.

Integrate with iLert to:

  • Trigger and resolve incidents from Datadog
  • Tackle incidents and set up escalation policies as they occur
  • Set up a daily reminder of who is on-call



Create Datadog alert source

  1. Switch to the Alert Sources tab and click on the “Create new alert source” button

  2. Assign name and select escalation chain

  3. Select Datadog in the Integration type field and save.

    iLert Alert Source New

  4. On the next page a Webhook URL is generated. You need this URL at the bottom of the setup in Datadog.

    iLert Alert Source View


Add iLert Webhook as alerting channel

  1. Go to Datadog integrations page and install Webhooks integration:

  2. Click an Webhooks integration, scroll to bottom and add a new webhook:

    Datadog Webhook New

  3. Enter a name, the Datadog webhook URL from iLert alert source and template payload:

      "body": "$EVENT_MSG",
      "last_updated": "$LAST_UPDATED",
      "event_type": "$EVENT_TYPE",
      "alert_transition": "$ALERT_TRANSITION",
      "alert_id": "$ALERT_ID",
      "link": "$LINK",
      "title": "$EVENT_TITLE",
      "date": "$DATE",
      "org": {
        "id": "$ORG_ID",
        "name": "$ORG_NAME"
      "id": "$ID"

    Datadog Webhook View

  4. Click save button to finish setting up this check.

    View the iLert Datadog Integration documentation for more details.

Data Collected


iLert integration does not include any metrics.


Your iLert triggered and resolved events appear in the iLert platform dashboard.

Service Checks

iLert integration does not include any service checks.


Need help? Contact Datadog Support.