Create Datadog Events from Amazon SNS Emails


You can create Datadog events with emails sent from an Amazon SNS topic. Use this guide to subscribe your Datadog account to your SNS topic and confirm the subscription.


  1. Create a dedicated email address from Datadog following the setup instructions in the Events with email guide. Copy the generated email address to your clipboard.
  2. From the SNS topic that you want to subscribe to, click Create subscription and select Email as the protocol. Paste the email address from step 1 in the Endpoint field, configure other settings as desired, and click Create subscription.
  3. In the Datadog Events Explorer, search for an event with the subject AWS Notification - Subscription Confirmation. Copy the URL provided for confirmation.
The Datadog events explorer showing a detail view of an event with the subject AWS Notification - Subscription Confirmation and a URL highlighted next to the text Confirm Subscription
  1. Open a new tab in your browser, and paste the URL into the address bar. The subscription is confirmed when the browser opens the URL.


Return to your SNS topic in the AWS console and ensure that the subscription status is Confirmed. New messages published to the topic create events in Datadog.

Use the events in Datadog

Configure alerting based on the emails from your SNS topic with an event monitor. Search and filter the events on the Events Explorer, or use a dashboard to further analyze or display the events.