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Eppo is the experimentation and feature management platform that makes advanced A/B testing accessible to everyone in your organization.

The Datadog Eppo RUM integration enriches your Datadog RUM data with your feature flag information, including flag name and variation, to provide visibility into performance monitoring and behavioral changes. You can use this to determine which users are shown a feature and if it is negatively affecting the user’s performance.


Feature flag tracking is available in the RUM Browser SDK. For detailed set up instructions, visit the Getting started with Feature Flag data in RUM guide.

  1. Update your Browser RUM SDK version to 4.25.0 or above.
  2. Initialize the RUM SDK and configure the enableExperimentalFeatures initialization parameter with ["feature_flags"].
  3. Initialize Eppo’s SDK with the datadogRum option, which reports feature flag evaluations to Datadog.

The following is a JavaScript example:

const assignmentLogger: IAssignmentLogger = {
  logAssignment(assignment) {
    // Send the assignment event to customers' event logging
      userId: assignment.subject,
      event: "Eppo Randomized Assignment",
      type: "track",
      properties: { ...assignment },

    // Assuming `exposure` is defined in this context and has a property `variation`
    datadogRum.addFeatureFlagEvaluation(assignment.experiment, exposure.variation);

await eppoInit({
  apiKey: "<API_KEY>",


Need help? See the Eppo documentation.