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This integration allows DoControl customers to forward their DoControl-related logs and events to Datadog through automated security workflows.


To set up this integration, you must have an active DoControl account. You must also have proper admin permissions in Datadog.


No installation is required on your host.

Use Datadog actions in DoControl’s workflows

You must create a Datadog API key and an application key to use as input parameters for Datadog actions in DoControl.

Create an API key in Datadog

  1. Use Datadog’s Add an API key documentation to create an API key. Give the key a meaningful name such as DoControl.
  2. Copy the Key and save it.

Create an application key in Datadog

  1. Use Datadog’s Add application keys documentation to create an application key.
  2. Copy and save your application key.


Create a Datadog integration in DoControl

  1. In DoControl, navigate to Dashboard->Settings->Workflows->Secrets, and add your Datadog API key as a new secret.


  2. Create a new Workflow from a pre-established playbook or from scratch.


  3. Design and edit your business logic by dragging and dropping actions onto the canvas, configuring the steps, and connecting them.

  4. From the Actions bar, under Utilities, you can drag and drop Datadog actions into your Workflow, such as Send logs or Create incident.


  5. Configure the actions to refer to the DD-API-KEY stored as a secret in Step 1 above, and the DD-APPLICATION-KEY obtained in Create an application key in Datadog.


Learn more about DoControl in the DoControl documentation.


Need help? Contact Datadog support or DoControl support.